Saturday, September 8, 2012

Atheism Plus and Speaking Out Against Hate


Atheism Plus is a new movement within the Atheist community created by Jen McCreight, and feminist, atheist Freethought Bloggist.  It is an offshoot of the 3rd wave Atheist movement across the world, which promotes feminism, social justice, and more.  Here's some of the first definitions of Atheism+ It is still being worked out, as it is only a few weeks old.

There's been major push-back within the atheist community from those who are claiming it is causing divisions in the atheist movement and distracting from the purpose of the movement.  And this push-back is from many atheists within the community that have been increasingly hostile towards feminist bloggers who are protesting the treatment of women within the atheist community.  The violent language and abuse towards these feminist, female bloggers has reached a vitriolic, threatening, and abusive stage, and Jen made a brave move to start an offshoot of the movement that would support things that atheist feminists care about, such as social justice and minorities within the movement who have been feeling overlooked by speakers and influential atheists.  But now Jen has taken a break from blogging because the hate that has been flying at her for the creation of this branch of atheism has been absolutely poisonous and she needs to focus on her mental health.

I support Jen.  I understand the mental health issues, and it's not fair for her to take so much abuse alone.  I'm ready to speak out.  Many others are as well.  If you check out the comments under her last blog post.  This is a time to become vocal and fight back.  Fight for equality and justice.  Fight against those who are slamming and violently bullying online bloggers.

I support Jen and I support Atheism Plus, because it aligns with my secular humanist, feminist, AND atheist viewpoints.  And I support her right to opinions and ideas without being bullied into depression.

A new forum has been created to discuss the creation and ideas of Atheism Plus.  If you would like to join or check it out, here's the link.

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