Friday, February 24, 2012

Update from the Atheist.


I’m back.  After a long hiatus I have returned to my dear little project blog.  I am continuing this as an experiment to see if any other MK’s out there (Missionary Kids) have experienced something similar to myself, in giving up the “Faith.”

I am encouraged to see there are some others in the same boat as me, so welcome! I am finally exploring the world free of religion and maybe others can be encouraged by my experiences and thoughts.

It is difficult to come out of religion, especially if you were a daughter/son of the ultra-spiritual missionary category.  The world is a new place.  But if you made it through, then hurray! I hope it’s a better place for you.

I promise to post often, as  I can now commit to blogging because I have a shiny new computer to tote around with me wherever travels take me.



  1. We are the scattered and few. I have been thrown around by my parents faith since I was born and I have yet to meet another MK in a similar situation as mine.

  2. Well, welcome. I understand the 'thrown around' feeling. I hope you stick around. Feel free to give feedback! I hope more will find this little blog, some who are looking for a place that understands what it's like.