Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello and welcome to my blog. It isn't your everyday 'pish-posh' blog that will tell you where to buy the best pair of skinny jeans, or where your Aunt Lou can go for a great salad in New York. No, this is a deep and dark, yet sincere blog, one of those that makes you either hate the blogger, love the blogger, or eye them suspiciously in the in-betweens of trying to pretend you're not interested in what this crazy blogger is ranting about.

I am, or was, a missionary kid. Now I am an atheist, (and an anthropologist). This is the me that I've been hiding for too long. Two summers ago I lost my final grip on what I was taught my entire life, and about a year ago, in my lovely birthmonth of April, I finally admitted myself an atheist.

My husband, also a missionary kid, is also an atheist. But he's a physicist. Anyway, yes, we have each other, but honestly, I have yet to meet another missionary kid (MK) to admit to me, or anyone else, that they too have come to the same conclusion. I guess we are a rarity, and a married rarity at that - for mk's from the same island to go off, find each other in another life, and then become atheists together - these mks who have a long line of missionaries in their families. To me, so far, it's rather an exquisite rarity. But I am hoping to find that it is NOT a rarity. So please, if you are an mk, who has found themselves in the same situation, (maybe not married to another mk-atheist) then welcome to my blog! And welcome, anyone else who are interested in following along my journey of starting my rational, atheistic life anew.